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I was afraid that they would think my accent is funny

By Anais Trouillez  |   From : Jupiter, FL  |   School : Jupiter High School

My name is Anais Trouillez, I was born in France, Paris. I was happy to move to Florida. I thought it would be a nice change even though I didn’t know any English. When I came here, it kinda took me awhile to get used to everything. The culture and the food is different from France. At the beginning, I was really shy, so I didn’t talk during the year. People were really nice with me, but I was afraid that they would think my accent is funny. Then my parents opened a coffee shop, so I decided to work with them on weekends. Talking to people I didn’t know helped me practice my english. Finally I felt more confident because my english got better, so I made friends at school. Now I really like Florida even if I miss France.

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