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Algerian War

By Lola  |   From : Béziers, France  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

Nine years ago, I moved in Béziers because of my father’s work placement. Before that I lived in Langres (the most beautiful town of the world)  so for me it was a big change but thanks to this  we came closer to my grandparents  that I couldn’t see much before. So I had the chance to learn their story because my mother wanted me to know it.

My grandmother was born in Algeria but her parents were immigrants from Spain so she already knew different cultures. She grew up in Alger with her sisters and she started to go to high school. But when the Algerian war burst out, her family was slaughtered. She saw her sister’s execution but she made it, she survived and came to France in Paris.

That’s where she met my grandfather, a smart man who worked in an computering industry. He helped her to build a new life and some time later he married her. They had three girls including my mother.

Now my grandmother never talk about Algeria and she never wanted to go back there because it’s too painful for her. But today when I remember her story I realize that I’m really lucky to live with my family in a sweet home where I don’t have to run away for my life, (even if it’s not in the most beautiful town of the world), because what makes the difference is the people with whom you live, whatever the place.

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