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My biggest fear was to be rejected

By Fasdi  |   From : Colombia  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My name is Fasdi and I am Colombian.  I arrived to the United States in 2017 with my father, my mother, and my two sisters.  I’ve been in school for five months. When I close my eyes, I remember my country, Colombia.  I see my family very happy gathered and having fun. I also remember my time in Ecuador, playing and having fun with my friends.  I had good times. I remember my friends playing tricks on me during my birthday. There is a tradition in my country of throwing eggs and flour the day of your birthday, and that’s exactly what they did to me.   I had a hard time removing all that mess from my hair. My happiest memory was with my family and friends. I thank God that I have never separated from my immediate family. The saddest memory in my life was when one of my grandmothers died and also not having the opportunity of meeting my other grandparents because they had already died.


My first week in America all my family was very happy, but I was so sad.  It was difficult for me to leave my family behind, specially my other grandmother I have alive. It has been more than 6 years that I haven’t hugged her.    My first week of school was very good because it was when I met my best friends: Sacheli and Jennifer. I came to the United States to study and to move forward for a better life.  The schools in this country could help us by accepting us as normal people, supporting us in our education as soon as we arrive, teaching us the new language and the beauty and culture of this country.

My biggest fear was to be rejected or discriminated by others. My hope is to be able to have a better life and bring here the only grandmother I have left.  When I close my eyes here in America, I see a big difference. I see many houses, but not many football fields like other countries. I see a new opportunity to go ahead with God’s help.  I see a new country, a new life and a huge opportunity of education.

I don’t have a happiest memory in this country because, even though I have everything, this country nor any other will give me the happiness one will find with salvation. Only God will give it to me, and when that happens it will be the happiest moment of my life.  It is sad when we sit to eat and remember all the food we have in abundance when our countries and families need it more than we do.

I want people to know that I am an immigrant, and I am like any other person. I would like everybody to be my friend. I want them to see me not like a stranger, but to see me like a good person.

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