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I am from blue and white sky

By Wahida Alam  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from a neighborhood,

Where birds sing in the morning,

To wake you up.

I am from green grass fields

Every step I take,

I am walking safely,

Holding the hand of my mom.

I am from canola fields,

The blowing winds sway

Away the canola flowers

I am from date tree with dates,

And date juice dripping

drop by drop into a pot .

Which turned to bhapa pitha ,

A rice from date cake.

I am from ponds,

Where fish dance,

With lilies.

I am from fish tangled

With lily roots.

which sometimes become

Their shelter.

I am from blue and white sky,

From a flock of birds.

I am from clear sky where the sun hides behind,

The bushes which look

Like hills

Hanging on to

Two or three birds

And flying away, flying around.

Fantasies of going

Up in the sky

and using clouds as trampolines.

Fearing the clouds will fade away,

And my fantasy will break

Into shards of glass.


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