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I can still remember the first day of school in America.

By Chin Tsai  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Susan Wagner High School

Hi my name is Chin Tsai. I’m 16 years old. I came from Taiwan not Thailand. It’s a country next to China. I can speak Mandarin, and Taiwanese. I came here when I was 12 years old. I can still remember the first day of school in America. On the first day of school everyone met in the schoolyard, I saw so many unfamiliar faces. I see many people talking to their friends and hanging out with their friends. I felt so lonely. At that time I missed all my friends in Taiwan. Later, we all went to class and I saw my classmates. I felt so different because I’m the only Asian in my class and I don’t know anyone. When the teacher called my name I got nervous because I was afraid of what the teacher will ask me. The teacher did talk to me and she asked me, “What is my first name and last name.”   I didn’t really know what she means by my first name and last name, so I told her what I guessed it was and I guessed it right. At that time my favorite class was math, because the math here is very easy. On the second day of school, I was already lost in the morning. I didn’t know where the students met and I didn’t know anyone in the school. I just followed random people but I didn’t get to where I had to be. Later, we went to our classroom, and I didn’t know where my classroom was. I felt the school was like a maze, because every place looked the same. Finally, I saw one of my classmates and I followed him. If I didn’t see him I’ll cried because I thought i would get lost in school. Sometimes I ask myself why I came here why I didn’t stay in Taiwan. I have a lot of trouble with English, and I think English is not easy. I still think of this now, but there are some positive and negative things. The good thing is we get a lot of breaks, you get out of school early and we do not get a lot of homework. The bad thing is the language, and I miss all the food in Taiwan and my family. I try my best everyday and work my hardest at everything I do, so that I can be successful.

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