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crying tears to console myself

By Marie Success  |   From : Belle Glade (Florida)  |   School : Glades Central High School

On December 9, 1995 I was born in Gonaive, Haiti, and after 13 months my mother left me and my grandmother to go to the Dominican Republic. She needed to work so she could give me the things I needed.

When my mother come back I was 13 years old. Granny said, “Success, this is your mom.”  I just looked at her, because I didn’t recognize her.  After 5 minutes, I was happy with my mom, but a month later, my mom got sick and went to the hospital.  The doctor said you don’t have anything, but in 3 months my mother was dead.

When my mother died, I did not know. My granny said my mother was fine, but when I went to find her sleeping, I said, “Mom, Mom” and she didn’t wake up.  I was sad because my granny lied to me.

After one week the family had a funeral. I still asked my grandmother where my mother was. She told me over and over that my mother was not coming back. Every day I cried for my mother.

When my father knew I was crying every day, he took me, because he didn’t want me to be unhappy every second.  He talked with me every second, and I went everywhere with him.

On March 4, 2013 I left Haiti to come to the United States with my dad, because he lived here. On April 20, 2015 my dad died when I was 18. I was very sad. I was by myself after that. I was crazy, because I didn’t have my mother or my father. I was just living by myself every day – crying tears to console me.


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