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Everybody is Your “Hermano”

By Angelica Gomez  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am  from a blue, white and red flag

From a capital called Santo Domingo

Someone is laughing to himself,   another is laughing loudly

Dogs barking,  birds singing, also the motorcycles roaring

Someone selling paintings and another  selling candies

Where noise reigns

And we almost  don’t need any trains

I am from beaches and rivers

Where the cold water can make you forget the hot climate

From a place in which baseball and basketball exist

Baseball brings excitement for all

A basketball net in every neighborhood

From where the sun is always shining

I am from rain and hurricanes

From storms and days off

Where the palms are everywhere

And the snow is nowhere

                                                                                                                    From cheerful people

In the neighborhoods where there is always something to celebrate

A birthday, a wedding

Someone going out of the country, someone coming back

A baby shower, the church’s food sale

Christmas is coming, Happy New Year

From “pollo guisado” but also “pollo asado”

I am from a unique country

Where everybody is your “hermano”

From a land that believes in God

That everything is going to be okay, they always say

Where people have a lot of faith

God is going to help us, they always say

From a place in which God always stays present

Thank God that didn’t happen, they always say

Where people believe in miracles and the power of God

Your sickness is going away, they always say

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