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Family is the Only Thing That Stays With Me

By Jefferson   |   From : Colombia  |   School : East Boston High School

The decision to come to the United States was made by my mom. She wanted to get a property in Colombia, and she told me that I have more opportunities to study for my career in the US. I want to be an architect, but in Colombia it is so expensive to pay for the education for this career. I’m not rude with her because i have more things here than in Colombia. In Colombia I was in the middle class. I don’t have much but I have enough to support us. I need to help economically because everything is very expensive in Colombia and the work is underpaid. We paid rent and the rent in Colombia is so much money.

My first day in the United States was February 25th, 2014. We were going to Miami for one day and one night. I liked staying in that hotel. I used the pool and other things. The second day, I went to boston and I saw the sun. It was so good. My aunt said that I needed to put on a jacket. I said no, look at the sun. But when I left the airport, I felt the coldest wind of my life, and I ran back to the airport to put myself in my jacket. In the next few days, I saw what life is like here in the United States. I like it, but I miss my friends and my family. I adapted to this system of life. I want to stay in this country for more years and I want to know more new things about the United States. I’m an immigrant but I support this country.

The worst part of my life was when I lost my brother. He was living in colombia because he was sick. He had a virus in his brain, and I was living with my mom and my dad in the United States. My sister, my niece and my brother stayed in Colombia. My brother missed my mom so much but we came to this country because my mom needed to get money. She wanted to get a house for us in Colombia. My brother said he was okay but he lied. I felt so upset with him about it. He told my sister that everything was good but he could not see. His sight was fuzzy and my mom thought it was a problem with his eyes, but the problem was that my brother was not telling us how he felt. Five days before he went to the hospital, the doctors said he needed to stay in the hospital. The doctors made him sleep because the problem in his brain was advanced. My mom cried all week and she didn’t have peace. My mom needed to go back to Colombia to look after my brother. She left here at 6AM and she arrived in Colombia at 1PM. She went to look for my family and after she went to the hospital at 8PM. When she go to the hospital the doctor said to my mom, “he is tired, he doesn’t want to fight with sickness anymore.” Later, my mom went to see my brother and she talked with him and 30 minutes later he passed away. He passed last Thanksgiving. I said I’m not grateful for anything. The doctors told my mom, that my brother was waiting for my mom to pass. For me that experience was hard. When I lived in Colombia, I fought with him. He was the best brother, and I miss him. I wanted to say to him how much I love him, but there was so much distance. My mom said to me that I’m the man of my house. I need to do everything that my mom says. I need to be responsible for her. I am not ready to take this important position in my family, but bigger people went through difficulties before reaching the top of the mountain.

The best part of my life has not happened yet. For me the best part of my life will be when I get married, because some people wait for their suitable couple. I’m a man but I want to do all good. I want to marry a Colombian girl because I know that the culture is the same. The Colombian girls know about what food, things, and economy we have in Colombia and for that I love Colombian girls. I think I will get married in this country because I want to live here. I want to get married before I am 25 years old because I want to live my youth with my wife. The second best day of my life will be when I have my children. I think this is the most important in the life because all things in your life pass, money, work, food and material things. But the family is the only one who stays with me.

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