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Good Things and Bad Things

By Adrian Sanchez Brito  |   From : Clifton Park, NY  |   School : Shenendehowa H.S.

Good Things and Bad Things?

Good things about America is the music.  Bad things about America a lot of people are racist.

Good things about America is the food.   Bad things about America is some people need food.

Good things about America is that they have people that can save your life.  Bad things is some people are savage.

Good things in America have is the party. Bad things is a lot of people poor.

Good things America is they try to help you with yours problems . Bad thing is the tax of New York.

Good things America is some people sacrifice life for you. Bad things about America is they have a lot of enemy.

Good things you can drive when you are 16 years old. Bad thing is some people drive drunk.

Good things are the clothes. Bad thing is that some Americans don’t have money for buy clothes.

Good things about America are the girls. Bad thing is some girls try to kill you for your money.

Good thing is summer is not cold. Bad thing is when you are not in summer, it is cold

Good thing is they have a lot of buildings. Bad thing was the Twin Towers, a lot of people died there.


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