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Happy and proud of who i am

By Jackelyne Libreros  |   From : Miramar,FL  |   School : Everglades Highschool

My name is Jackelyne  Libreros, I am 16 years old, I live in Miramar, FL and I attend Everglades High School. I still remember as if it was yesterday, it was summer of 2010 when I went to Colombia. I was only 9 years old. It was the first time I had gone back in years and I went alone, both of my grandparents from my two sides of the family lived fairly close to each other. I stayed with my grandma from my mom’s side that summer. Every other day to visit my other grandma from my father’s side, we always had fun when we were together she taught me a lot of things and was always kind to everyone. Then one day, I went to my cousins house to visit and when my grandma from my moms side picked me up I just had a bad feeling that something terrible had happened. I knew in my heart that my grandma had passed away. It was a really sad time for me but I had to move on I still think of her every now and then.

Summer vacation was over and I went back to the U.S I was very sad but I personally have never known how to share my emotions. I would keep everything inside and never tell anyone how I feel, and if someone asked me if I was okay I would always say I was fine. But really I wasn’t, I was trying to accept my grandma’s death. At the same time, I was getting bullied at school I would get made fun of for the way I walked, talked, my hair, my skin color, my height, my weight ,even my nails. This would make me really sad but I could not stand up for myself and I would refuse to talk to anyone about it. Then, one day this girl told me “You are so ugly, why are you so big”? I went home crying and couldn’t or wouldn’t stop , I hated myself. I kept on asking why couldn’t I be like everyone else? why couldn’t I be normal? , why was I born like this? That same day, I had enough and I told myself that no one had the right to put me down. I am worth so much and I have to love myself or nobody else will. Ever since that day I have not let anyone put me down, I have always held my head up high. Now I am happy with who I am because I know that I am a beautiful person inside and outside and no one will ever bullied me or will make me feel bad about myself.

No one can ever tell you what you are worth you must know that yourself and you must always always, always believe in yourself.

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