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A Helpful Haitian Teacher

By Aron Beaubrun  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Spanish River High School

Hi! My name is Aron Beaubrun, and I’m from Haiti. I came to the United States in 2013 in my 8th grade. It took me two hours to make it here and I didn’t know any English. When I first went to school it was really awkward for me knowing no English and having no friend until they put me in an ESOL class where half of the class was Haitian, which was really helpful, and I also had a Haitian teacher named Mr. I…. He was really understanding and helpful, and that really helped me boost my motivation to speak the language and get better grades.

And now I’m in high school. All my friends went to different schools. My first month in high school was really difficult —  I didn’t have any friends to talk to and I didn’t speak English so well, so I couldn’t talk to anybody and my grades started falling apart.

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