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I Miss Her So Much

By Cecy  |   From : Boston, MA  |   School : East Boston High School

I was 14 years old and I lived in El Salvador with my grandmother. One day in school, I had a problem with my english teacher. We went to the park and my friends and I had a camera. We asked him if we could take a picture of him and he said yes. The next day the principal came to our classroom to check and he found the camera and saw the pictures. When the principal asked my english teacher if he had given permission, he said “NO”.
The principal called my grandmother to talk about this. My grandmother didn’t go because she was sick so my uncle went and talked with the principal.Then the teacher told me that I had to clean the second floor all week. I felt sad because I didn’t want to clean, but I was happy because my friends helped me to clean.
The next day, I had this problem with one boy looking angrily at me so much. I talked with my grandmother about that and she decided to talk about this with my mom. My mom was in the U.S, so my grandmother asked her if she could take me to the U.S. She didn’t want anything bad to happen to me in El Salvador. That boy was looking at me so angrily. She talked with me about that because she thought he was in a gang.
I was sad because I didn’t want to come to the United States. I didn’t want to leave my grandmother in El Salvador. I started to cry when my mom told me the day that I would have to get out of my house. I said to my grandmother, “I will miss you so much and I love you, when I stay with my parents I will call you every day.” Now sometimes I feel sad because I miss her so much.
My relationship with her is the same because I love her. She is like my real mom because she took care of me more than my mom. I call her sometimes because I work in the afternoon, but on the days that I don’t work I call her at night. I love my grandmother.

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