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I’m better here than there

By Jonathan  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School (FL)

Hello! My name is Jonathan Pizarro. Today I will tell you my story of how l arrived to America. I came here to America from  Puerto Rico for a betterlife. My Dad, Mom and my brother decided to take  me and my brother tobe better in the United States. I am learning English, and much more.

I am going to tell my story as I experienced bullying, and all the things that were in my life. In Puerto Rico, at school that was me. I was bullied by five people. They said to me, “You are ugly, and fat” but at that point  I  already left.  I do not care about the things that they say to me.

Since then I  left that school I went to live else where and in the  house that I used to live I lived  but  one day my brother was going to a competition at night they gave me the house and my motor and my mom was tired of all the things that happened where I lived and a year ago we thought we would come to America and the sun is today I’m better than there but I miss my country a lot .

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