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I’m from the country most people don’t even know about

By Rabia Sandhu  |   From : Bayonne, NJ  |   School : Bayonne High School

Where I’m From

I’m from the ummah of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).
I’m from the religion of Islam.
I’m from praying five times a day to reading The Holy Qur’an.
I’m from the country most people don’t even know about.
I’m from where education is the biggest luxury and poverty is your biggest enemy.
I’m from where you grow up without a childhood.
I’m from the dirty streets to cockroaches.
I’m from where police are easily bribed to where activists arise.
I’m from playing in the rain to sleeping under the stars.
I’m from playing cards and ludo with my brothers to playing dolls.
I’m from Rabia, Rabbiya to Rabiya.
I’m from flowers to Assassin’s Creed.
I’m from henna to salwar kameez.
I’m from biryani and naan.
I’m from stormy clouds to spring.
I’m from the grandfathers I’ve never met.
I’m from the love that can’t be described.
I’m from the friendships that can’t be forgotten.
I’m from keeping the ties of kinship and doing my best when it comes to forgiving.
I’m from the love of knowledge to hating injustice.
I’m from the endless love of quotes.

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