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Immigration of my father to Europe

By Wissal El Jarrari  |   From : Béziers, France  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

My father lived in Morocco before coming here, in France. He went first in Spain, on a little boat with 26 persons, on 1995. When they arrived, they spent three days outside, but they finally found a place to live before to take a job. Then, he could rent an apartment.

My father wanted to come in Europe because of the laws, the laws are better here than in his country. This is not about the work at all because he had a job in Morocco, but he wanted to make a family in good conditions.

He spent five years in Spain. One day, on 2000, he came to France to visit his brother who lived in Agde, in the south of France. He met my mother’s brother, who was one of my uncle’s friend, and then he met my mother. At this time, she had been in France for two years. She came when she was 18, to join my grandparents, who had lived in this country since 1983.

I was born two years after the meeting of my parents, in Agde. They taught me Arabic because they had been always speaking this language at home. When I entered school, I wasn’t able to speak french. My teacher decided to give me more classes to allow me to learn french, and my parents had to speak as often as possible this language at home. I started to learn french when I was five years old, and I was able to communicate when I was six. Then, I didn’t have any problem at school. I work hard because I want to have a good future, I do all my possible to have good notes, and I get it. Otherwise, I would like to work in the justice.

I came back to Morocco three or four times in my life. There is a lot of my family members in this country and I like to see them. The atmosphere is totally different, there is a lot of people outside, they have different habits, the towns are different than in here and, often, it’s normal to see an animal like a cow or a donkey in the street. I like this atmosphere, but my country is and will be France forever.

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