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In my country Bangladesh,

By Sharmin Begum  |   From : Bloomfield, NJ  |   School : Bloomfield High School

In my country Bangladesh,

I went to a school called S.N.P High School

The school had two colors

Outside was Green and inside was brown

It was near to my house

There were many students

The boys and girls made friends

The girls were Simi, Rita, Konica,

And the boys were Onik, Shuvo, Suhan

When we ate lunch, we shared our food

Paratha, rice chicken and polao

Each other.

Our science teacher Mr. Sottar taught us carefully

Cells and Mitochondria,

He was a good teacher

S.N.P. High school was like a garden

With roses, sunflowers and jasmine

There are good smells spread here

There is atmosphere.


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