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Moving to the United States was a journey

By Patria  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Lake Worth High School

I am Patria Gracia, and I am from Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean with blue sky and warm ocean breeze.  I had to move to Florida in 2017 due to the difficult economic situation of my island. I came here with my dad and my little sister, and we’ve been here for six months.    I recall Puerto Rico with great happiness. I close my eyes and I see my family, my friends and my dog. My friends were more than that I considered them like my family too. We were very close and we had known each other for nine years. I remember going to the park with them and having a great smile on my face everyday.  Great memories, good times! My happiest memory was my last day of school in a pool party with my boyfriend and friends, and the saddest moment was when I had to depart to the United States, of course.

Moving to the United States was a journey; my dad was worried about not making enough money or getting a good job.  We had to take the chance and so far we are doing fine. My dad wants the best for us, and he wants to see me graduate from high school. Here in U.S.A., everything is different, there are different people and different places around me. It feels strange.  My first weeks here were difficult. I argued with my dad because I wanted to go back; I was depressed, nothing was easy, everything was difficult. I couldn’t stay like this, so I had to make it work. I started thinking positive; here I could get better opportunities, learn new things, and improve my English.  Even though I already have found a best friend in school, I am sad at times because I can’t get over feeling homesick. I miss Puerto Rico. It’s normal to feel this way, and I have to keep it up. When I think of my new life in USA, I want people to know that even if I struggle with my ups and downs, I am strong.   This journey has helped me learned about myself. I have never thought about how strong and intelligent I was. Now I know anything could be possible. My goals are to improve my math skills and to prepare for my future. I want to study Neuroscience, a long career, but not impossible to achieve. My dreams will come true because I am strong and intelligent.

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