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My life story

By Julia  |   From : Béziers  |   School : Lycée Jean Moulin

Hello, i am Julia Kotterer i am 16 years old and i live in Montady next to Béziers.

I have a brother, his name is Yannick and he is 17 yeras old.

I was born in béziers but my parents were born in Amsterdam ( Netherlands ). They are immigrants.

For 3 years i have not seen my grand mother, my family had a big argument with her it’s very difficult for me because i love my grand mother very much because i was very close to her. I haven’t had any news for 3 years.

Now, i can live without her.

I always go in the summer to the Netherlands because i have family there i like it, because it’s different from France, the houses are not the same but it’s always raining there.

I wouldn’t like go live there because i am a french girl and i love my country.

I like also the Netherlands just for the summer holidays and i go there for two weeks.

I speak two langages, French and Dutch, i think it’s important to speak different langages because it’s easier to speak English for me.

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