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My Story

By Jorge  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : East Boston High School


My name is Jorge and my best moment in my life was when I graduated from middle school. It happened in El Salvador. I got my diploma for completing basic studies. It was one of my happiest moments in my life, because it was one of my goals that I wanted to accomplish since I was little. In addition, my mom was there which made me happy, although my father and sister were not there to share that moment because they were in USA.

Now I want to share the worst moment of my life. It happened when my father and sister left El Salvador to come to the United States, leaving my mother and me alone. The reason why my father and sister came to the United States before my mom and I is because my grandmother applied for her sons and one of them was my father. My father received the answer that he was accepted to come to United States. He had the possibility to come to the US with my sister, but he could not go with my mother and I because we needed to apply for another process and the process was going to be delayed. For that reason, my father decided to come with my sister only. That made me feel sad because my father and sister were always by my side. When they got into the USA, he applied for my mom and I to come to the too. My mom and I got some email about how our process to come to the US was going and finally we received the notice that my mom and I needed to take some exams about our health. After a few months, the results of our exams were given. My mom and I were so happy. After 1 month, we got an email which said that my mom and I were accepted to come to the United States. My mom and I felt very excited. When we told my father and sister that news they got so happy too. My family could not believe it because after 2 years, my family was going to be reunited again.

I did not decide to come to United States. My decisions were always to follow what my family said was good because I knew that my family just wanted a better life for all of us. I just thought about being together and having a new life. A life that is safe and with more opportunities to get ahead. My country is having challenges, and the situation there is really bad. People are killing many people if they do not do what they want, and the police cannot do anything. Safety is an important part of the decision to come to United States. At the moment of the confirmation that my mother and I were going to come to United States, I was full of joy and happiness. Finally, my mother, father, sister and I, were going to be together again.

My first day in United States was great because my grandmother, aunt, father and sister picked up my mom and I at the airport. When I saw them I said happily “hello”. Finally we were together. I could not believe that finally I was in United States with my family. Then we went where we were going to live and left the bags. Then we went to a restaurant to eat. We went to buy some clothes. Then we came back home. Finally I went to bed to think. It was such a great day, being together again as a family.

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