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By Julie  |   From : Marseille  |   School : Lycée Saint-Charles

I’m Julie Sanchez, a French student who lives in Marseille.
I am not binational like the students of I Learn America, so my story is not like theirs, it is more discreet, it has less impact on me. However, I don’t have French origins : my grandmother was Italian and my grandfather was Spanish.
These origins can be found in my last name : Sanchez. It is a very common name, actually. There are numerous people that have the same name as me : athletes, singers, and there is even a garage in my city whose name is “Sanchez”.
My name is present in multiple countries, Spain, Colombia, Venezuela, France and more. It is infinitely repeated, so much that it can end up having no identity.
The only things that connect me with them are some old photographs that my grandparents can have in photo albums, and the stories they tell me sometimes. My grandparents don’t live in their original country like some families, so I don’t really have a link with Spain or Italy otherwise.
But every time I hear their stories, like how school were at their time, how they used to sit all day long in fields to eat oranges, or look at the photos to see how they looked like, I feel amazed. I often imagine stories about their lives, it’s like I discover a part of my story.
My story is created with pieces of my family members’ stories, but it is not finished and I still have a lot to write.

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