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We start looking for new opportunities

By Juan Pablo  |   From : Jupiter, FL  |   School : Jupiter High School

Hello my name is Juan Pablo I’m from Cali,Colombia, and I’m 17 years old.

My story starts when I was approximately  14 years old. My mom is a nurse and my father was a taxi driver. Everything was great. The life  in Colombia is great and we did not have any issues. Most of my family live in Colombia. I have one aunt and one uncle that live in United States. In the year of 2014, approximately, my mom lost her job as a nurse and my father had to be responsible for all the needs at  home looking for a better way to live. We start looking for new opportunities in different countries like Canada and United States and in Florida. First my mom came first to see how the time here [would be]. As soon as soon she came, my father came two months later; my father doesn’t have any kind of degree, so he has to take manual jobs like landscaping and construction. At that moment my sister and I stayed in Colombia  living with my grandmother. My sister was in college studying nursing and I was in tenth  grade in high school. Two years later my parents decided that my sister and me have to came too, so we came the 21st of July or June. I remember that a week before my flight there was the soccer world cup and Colombia played that day. When I got here my english wasn’t that good. I had a lot of problems; I still have them, but I’m trying to get better each day. A week after arriving in Florida, we enrolled in school; the first week of school was really scary. I enrolled with my sister but I had no friends. After a week, my sister get kicked out from school because she finished her high school education in Colombia.  So,I stay by myself in this big school with no friends.  I found some friends and I started making my way through high school. The first months were really tough. My english was really weak and it was hard to do my homework and it was hard to communicate with my teachers and other students that don’t speak spanish.  Around six months later, my english got better and I start talking with more people and  being more social.  Now I’m more social and I can speak really good english is, decent english now. I am making my way to college and try to do the best as possible to be successful. I live now, I have a job in a gym, and  all my family is together, and everything is going as we planed and that is the end of my I Learn America story.


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