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My Story of Coming to the United States

By Ngan Huynh  |   From : Kansas City, MO  |   School : East High School

I am from Vietnam.  I came the United States, September 2015.  I lived the United States 1 year and 2 month.

I have my family stay here with me.  I’m happiness while I lived with them.  They never leave me, they always take care of me.

The time start I come here I don’t know English I’m very sad with my life.  I can’t talk anything I need.

Every morning I got to school.  I don’t want go to school because I just be quiet.  I’m scared I can’t talk with whoever if I need they help me.

But I have a teacher help me anything I want.  They teach me English let me can talk.  When I’m speak wrong English they not laughing me, they tech me how I can say right.


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