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I want to give a better life to my Mom

By Catalina  |   From : Palm Beach (Florida)  |   School : Royal Palm Beach High School

Hello, I’m going to tell my story on how my experience in this country, (United States). First, my name is Catalina Valls. I’m 15 years old original from Spain. When I was 10 years old in 2010, I moved to the Dominican Republic. My Mom is from Cuba and my Dad is from Spain.

When I moved from the Dominican Republic to the United States, it was so difficult. It was hard because I didn’t want to come because I have my life there, my friends, my boyfriend, some family and the most important, my dog (my son) his name is “Chiquitin”. One Sunday my mom said, “Catalina, we going to move to the United States tomorrow” I felt depressed and I wanted to cry. When I arrived here, I wanted to go back to my home in the Dominican Republic. Specially because my dog was in the Dominican Republic with my uncle.

I was in Miami on the first week, but after that week, I moved to West Palm Beach because my Dad has family in Royal Palm Beach. We moved, I start my school in Crestwood Middle School, after a month my uncle come to United States with my son (my dog) and he right now lives with me. Now I felt delightful because he is with me. I appreciate God because he give me good friends and good influences. Now i’m in Royal Palm Beach High School and I’m waiting for my residency. I came to the United States because my mom wants good opportunities in education for me.

I want to study Forensics and I want to go to one University and give a better life to my Mom and my family.

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