♡ The Start to a New Beginning ♡

By Rachel Sanchez  |   From : Bolivian-American  |   School : Everglades High School

Hello, my name is Rachel Sanchez. I am 15 years old, and I am a 9th grader currently attending Everglades High School. This experience of my life is honestly a “start to a new beginning.” This is not only because I am attending a new school, but also because I am living the rest of my life with only one parent, my dad!


September 12, 2003, the day I will never forget, because it is the day I was brought to life. On this very day, luckily I was born healthy and with a loving family. I also found out that I was going to be a little sister to my brother Sergio, my sister Alisa, and my half brother Cesar. I was born in Hialeah and raised in Pembroke Pines/Miramar area. Growing up, I have always had a close bond to my siblings, even with my half brother. However, it came to a point with my half brother, Cesar, that my family could barely go see him. To this day, I miss him with all my heart. I wish my relationship with him would have never ended. My family used to go home empty handed without him, and it would just devastate my siblings and I. The decision to stop seeing him was made just for the good of our health. Although our relationship ended when I was about one, now that I am older, I am really trying my best to reconnect with him. On the other hand though, I still currently am living with Alisa and Sergio. Alisa is attending her first years of college at FIU and she is pursuing her career of Music Education. Sergio is also an Everglades student, but he does not attend school everyday, due to the fact that he is in dual enrollment. I am very grateful to have my family in my life, and I am also very thankful for the best friend I have ever met. Maria Alvarez. She is always there for me in anyway, and although I have no classes with her, the bond me and her have will never break apart. She is like another sister of mine and like another daughter for my dad. My dad is a very loving guy that has been through so much in his life that has impacted my family in both good and bad ways, but we are still whole and we will be forever.


For many, your parents divorce is a sad point in one’s life. Although for me, my parents

divorce made my life better. Not going to lie, but the night my mom left, about 2 years ago, I thought my life was over. I would cry myself to sleep for many nights. Seeing my dad crying and in frustration, all I wanted was my mom back, wishing for my life to be “normal” again. Later that night, my dad gathered my brother, sister, and I together, My dad assures us that we will be okay. He tells us that he loves us and he will forever be with us. My dad then hugs us and I will never forget that moment. Yes, it was sad, but I was assured that my dad will be strong for us. Days go by, and I prayed for my mom to come back home. Sadly, that did not happen, but it’s okay. A little after the divorce, I went out with my mom. At that moment, I knew my relationship with my mom had changed. She was acting so different, and from that moment on, I had not spoken to her, and sadly I can say I stopped “loving her”. I knew the truth about this divorce since the night of. My mom had cheated on my dad, and it broke me to see my dad in tears. Luckily, my new “family” is very happy. Yes, this new family had lost a member, but I am grateful to still have my brother, sister, and dad. I soon hope to also have my half brother back in the picture. But all I care about is the happiness of my family, and now that we are in peace, we live each day smiling and in joy.


Cesar Sanchez, my father, was a immigrant from Bolivia. At the age of 18, my dad left everything in Bolivia to come here to America for a better life. My dad came here alone with no family to comfort him. The reason my dad came was for school, but once he realized how much better American life would be for him, he then because a resident. Life for him was hard at first, he had no place to work and no money to support him. When arriving to America, my dad did anything he had to just to consume food. Working late nights and no knowledge of English, my dad struggled to wash dishes and work in restaurants, but he had to learn and devote himself, because that was his was of surviving life at this time. This very day, my dad is living a good life to support my siblings and I. All of this is due to his hard work and dedication. With no support and help, my dad provides so much for my family. I am very proud and thankful to have a caring dad that I live with. His life as a child and a little of his adult ages were a struggle, but I am glad that he is succeeding now.


Although many immigrants come to America to have a better life, like my dad, I would love for the opposite. I want to leave America and live my life in Bolivia. Bolivia is such an amazing country with all my family. Here in America, the only people I have is my dad, brother, and sister. Everyday, I wish to be there. Knowing that many struggle to have a better life and come to America, I am grateful to live here. But if I had a choice, I would live in Bolivia. Having no family to be around is boring for me. I am always stuck at home without people. But on the other hand, in Bolivia, I am always in the house with my grandma, aunt, niece, and a lot of other people. Also the thing I love most is that everything is so close to home in Bolivia. Anytime of the day, I am allowed to go out and get something to eat or go do something. Walking around in the streets, you see many friends because the city is so close together and full of life. I would love to end the American life and move to Bolivia with my family. And I know many don’t know that many Bolivians, but I am one, and I am proud of my hispanic culture!

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