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In 10 years, I see myself as a lawyer

By Yuleisie  |   From : Puerto Rico  |   School : Workmand Middle School (FL)

I’m from Puerto Rico, I was born in San German, Puerto Rico. I am 12 years-old, I have 3 big brothers Nicole Marie 23 year, Fabiola Marie 16 years-old and Benjamin 13 years-old, I like to play soccer and hear music. I have a 1 year old dog Rocky Pirulo.

My mom is called Giselle , and my dad’s is Victor , I have 3 brothers. My grandfathers and grandmother live in Puerto Rico.

 I found out that I was coming to America because my mom told me, my mom got a job and she moved first after my father and then my brother and I. My mom moved first and got a house, and then my dad who works as a welder.

I like animals, I like to sing and play soccer, I like to ride horses, I like to listen to pop music, and I like wearing skates.

I do not like to clean, I do not like having my food taken away, I do not like to be disturbed, I do not like people to be sad, I do not like to hear people insult my favorite band and my friends, I do not like shopping with my mom and sisters, I hate Shopping, I do not see animals suffering.

In 10 years, I see myself graduating from college as a lawyer. Also, I see myself with twins a girl and a boy. And I see myself growing old next to my husband if I get married, and watching my grandchildren running around the yard. I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I’m big and old I’m going to take holidays as breaks. I also see myself in court dealing with important cases, and if successful in fulfilling my dream, I would try to make my family happy to smile every day, to educate my children, to Respect, to help them with their homework, Help them never have a bad time. Although everything we want may not come true, but always smile at everyone.


I am from the music from Samsung and Apple, I am from   the fresh air, sunlight, the salt smell waves, I am from the flowers and the rose petals, I’m from spring break and from the family meetings, from don’t touch that and study for the test, I’m from the go every Sunday to church, From live my life and be careful, I’m from pray and talk, I’m from Puerto Rico, Rice with chicken, toast From the horses and grandfather’s story, The play soccer with my sister and brother, the photo album of my family in the hallway closet tucked away safely.  

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