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In 10 years, I will work in the biggest oil company in the world

By Faisal  |   From : Saudi Arabia  |   School : Workman Middle School (FL)

My name is Faisal

I am from Saudi Arabia I lived in Riyadh.

My family is one of the biggest family in Saudi Arabia.

I came to America by 4 airplanes: the first airplane took 16 hours, the second took 6 hours, the third air plane took 3 hours, and the fourth airplane took 2 hours. I came to America because my dad’s work is here, he works in the Military Air Force and I also came to learn English.

I don’t like America because I miss my country and because they have a lot of strangers here. I’m not comfortable in America. there is not much fun in America. I miss my country. There is a lot of fun in my country, but not in America.

Who I will be in 10 years, I don’t know but I am gonna think about it…..I think I am going to be married and I am going to be on my honeymoon, and I will work in the biggest company in the world for oil it’s called Aramco. I will have a little son his name will be Nasser faisal and a little daughter and her name will be Alanoud faisal.

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