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14 years of not seeing my mom

By Katerin Melendez  |   From : Jupiter, FL  |   School : Jupiter High School

My name is Katerin  Melendez. I am 17 years old. I was born in Honduras. I have 2 brothers.  When I was 3 months, a person killed my dad. my mom was alone and she come to this country to give us a better life and a good future to my brothers and me. She made the decision of coming to the United States. I have lived two years since then with my grandmother. It’s good, but also had his character with me in some times it was difficult for me to be away from my mother because I needed a person to trust to tell her my things. I missed her a lot. I really like folklorica dance, a group of dances in Honduras called Folklorico Ballet Tambla. One of my passions is folklorica dance and now that is one of the most strange things besides my family and all christmas and birthdays my mom call me and sometimes I ask her when she come back to Honduras because I missed a lot. She never give a answer.

In 2015, my parents made the decision to bring me  over here. I don’t want to go, but after 14 years of not seeing my mom and I had to. When I get here it was very beautiful and exciting to look  my mom again. I realized that she was married with a man from Mexico. He is good with me and is a good dad. After a week here, my mom took me to the school. I was afraid. I was nervous when I got to the office. I was with a man who spoke Spanish. Mr. Halty helped me know a little school. I behaved very well from the first day comes to the first period. I was very nervous knowing what it was like here not to talk to anyone.  In my second period I met a girl who from that day become a sister to me. Her name is Brenda and from the first day I began a friendship with her and her brother. Over time I got used a little. The first months were difficult because I don’t understand and talk English but then I went complexing all, then I started to meet people of which some moved away and others remained. One of them is Alexander, Amauris, and Ricardo my alway like me the friendship of the man than a women because they are more sincere. Through the first Christmas I was happy. I  never had longed to be one Christmas with my mother but it also difficult and sad because it was the first Christmas spent away from my family. When I was changing for a dinner I went to my room and I was crying before heading out to dinner. After the days passed the months and if the stranger and I know that someday God will see you again everyone.

In the summer of 2016 could started working it my first job and so now I can helped my family to buy food and other household items and we are a very close family and we are happy thank’s to God and thank;s the opportunity to be here.

When the time passes your realize many things you know more people and many more are moving away from you little I had many people who claimed to be my friends but over time I realize who my friends are actually I have lost many friends maybe because of my way of being or I don’t know but I have always liked to be a nice woman to like others respect to respect me but that was not worth anything because I was left without friends the only ones who have been with always is Alexander, Estuardo and Amauris are the only one but I know they are lessons that gives the life.

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