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I came to become something (like a Mexican singer)

By Orlando Gutierrez  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Port Richmond High School

We immigrated to the United States for a better future and to be something. I came with all of my family. I came to study to become something (like a Mexican singer) and I want a better future for my family. I don’t want them to work like they do no more.

I remember, we were at the border at night and it was so cold and so much mosquitoes. I was afraid. Walking at night, I was afraid of la Migra. I was with my family – Other people watched if we could go and walk. (or not yet). Yet it was funny because some of the guys were saying funny things.

Now I feel good with my new life. I changed so much. I am so different: my face, my attitude and all that stuff. And I’d like people to know that nothing is easy. Everybody has memory to tell. We all face obstacles but DON’T feel we don’t belong here. Everybody is the same no matter what color or country you come from.

I want people to know about me. I am a person and we just came here for a better future NOT to make money and get cars (and all that stuff).



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