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Everytimes i try making new friends, I can’t understand them.

By Gayane  |   From : Staten Island, NY  |   School : Port Richmond High School

My name is Gayane Anne Chloe Menuau. I m from Haiti, I am a senior now at port Richmond high school.

When I came in America my biggest fear was to leave my family specially my mom – I was so sad at the same time happy because I’m going to a new country, make new friends and learn some more.

The reason why I came in America, it’s for my education because education in America it’s cheaper than in my country – I like the way they are teaching but the only thing i would like to add to this message it’s for all of the principal make sure we have at least one teacher in all of the classes who speaks many languages. Most of the immigrants they come in America for education so i think those schools should be prepared to receive them. I ask that it’s because of my experience. When i first started school it was so sad, my first day at school I didn’t know nobody who spoke my language. Most of the students were Spanish. Everytime i’m trying to make a new friend I could not understand them.  In my class, they uses to call me retard because when they speak to me I’d smiled at everything.  I use to seat in the back of all of my classes and when I had lunch, i use to stay in the stairways or in the library to read some books. Sometimes some bad students they laughed at me.

But i had determination to speak and write.  In 7 months, I started to have friends.  I have one teacher who use to help me a lot: Mr Mudget — He used to tell me u can do this.  Everyday I practiced with some friends and now look at me i can write my own story by myself  — I’m so proud of me and i thank God everyday to bless me — Now I’m working and I go to school and translate for some people who came at my job . I hope I graduate this year to accomplish my second goal.

Thank you to everyone who helped me to my English teacher Mr Elabida and Mr jean Michel .


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