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Dad works in the NAVY

By Azam  |   From : Saudi Arabia  |   School : Workmand Middle School (FL)

I’m Azam of Saudi Arabia and was born in Riyadh .

I was resident in a large house.

I am 14 years old.

I’m number one of seven people, and two sisters and two brothers and my mother and my father.

I am the youngest in the family or kisses.

I got to America with my family because my father works here and Dad works in the NAVY.

More love is in my family and I love playing football.

I don’t like heavy pranks and do not like albertelli.

I love all fruits and I love travel a lot.

I want to Be a manager at a large company in Saudi Arabia, and be known to the people.


I am from POEM:


I am from: Sports

From:   football  and  basketball

I’m from:   the life in my country, Family, Friend, People

I’m from:       Saudi Arabia

From :     Ayman and Nada

I’m from “we love each other”

From:   crying  and subversion

I’m from:   Muslim and the  Qur’an

I’m from:     Riyadh, Arabic coffee, rice with chicken

From where  my mother she does everything for us

From where  my father he buys me everything I want and protects me .



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