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I’m from the great family where everybody loves me.

By Thy  |   From : Vietnam  |   School : Workmand Middle School (FL)

– My name is Thy.

– 14 years old ( Virgo )

– I’m tall 5’5’’ (165cm) (I’m proud of that).

– My favorite colors is black, gray and burgundy.

– I was born in Tu Vu Hospital ( Vietnam )

– I live in Pensacola, Fl.

– I received awards ‘’ Best Handwriting’’, ‘’ Best students of the year ‘’. ‘’ Youth Leadership ‘’.

– I learned swimming in 6th grade and learned acting in 4th grade, I have danced in the            church   for 4 years.

– My personality is between introverted and extroverted.

– I’m friendly and humorous.

  • Family

– I live with my parents, and two younger sisters. My father is 44 years old. My mother is 41 years old. Both of my younger sisters are students. My family likes spending time together at night.

  • How I came to America and why?

– My family and I came to America by airplane. We had a flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Taiwan, and we had a long flight from Taiwan to Los Angeles. I had a long break at Los Angeles airport and waited for a trip to Atlanta, and the last flight was from Atlanta airport to Pensacola.

– My uncle wanted my family to come here because he wanted us to have a better future and better life.

  • Likes and Dislikes:

–   I like food, and K-pop.

–   I like to go to school and play, have a party.

–   I like to stay up late.

–   I like to watching movies, youtube, and listening to music.

–   I like to go to the K-pop concerts.

–   I like to sing along with a plastic cup.

–   I like the pool more than beach.

–   I like to go on field trip.

–   I liked to become a Kpop idol ( but I can’t ).

–   I like handsome boys.

–   I don’t like two faced, naughty people, who betray a person.

    • I don’t like getting out of middle school because I have a lot memories in here.
    • I don’t like dirty stuff.
    • I don’t like essays.
    • I don’t like people talking behind my back.
    • I don’t like bullying.


  • How I see myself in 10 years…

In 10 years. I will become a RN Nurse because that job gets higher salary and has a better future. I want to be a good person to help my country become better. I want to rent an apartment to live by myself because I want to feel comfortable and have freedom when I live alone (or maybe with my friends). When I become an RN Nurse, I want to help my parents in their older life because they spent their whole life to feed us. I will go to Korea & Japan with my friends. I will try to join in the dance club (or any club that related with entertainment) . And one day I want to see my favorite K-pop idols, and go to their concerts, and scream. I want to marry at the age 24-26 and I want to buy a house to live in and find my true love. I want to have a happy family.

  • POEMI am from desk drawerFrom books and papers

    I am from the roofing on the top of a house

    dark, messy, it feels like wow

    I am from rose garden

    whose thorn really hurts

    I am from the tall family and everyone is easy-going

    From Tu Tran and Thanh Duong

    I’m from the cooking and Asian

    From ‘’You are old enough to understand these things’’ and ‘’be a good girl’’

    I’m from Catholic, and St.Mary church

    I’m from Tu Vu hospital

    bun bo hue, and cha gio

    From the story that my uncle wrote on google docs about my grandmother’s life.

    The grandmother speaks France

    on the wall

    I’m from the great family where everybody loves me.



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