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Why I came to America?

By Truc  |   From : Vietnam  |   School : Workman Middle School (FL)

Why I came to America ?

I left Vietnam to have a new life and new future. I miss my country, where I lived I left many friends and my grandparents there. I am 13 year old.

When I was not yet born my parents, and my uncle, they did paperwork to come to America. And they waited until 2015. The American Consulate called my family to come to America to interview. On the seventeenth day of March, is the day my family bought plane tickets to come to America. They told my sisters and me that we would go to America to have a better future, and have a better life. In America, the people are so friendly. When I came here, I felt so nervous and sad. Because we speak a different language. I had to learn English.

And we took 2 days in airplanes to come to America.

I am from Vietnam…
From the memory of riding bicycles with my sister and my cousin.
I’m from Ho Chi Minh City – From a box on the table with love for always.
I am from books. From Webster and New World dictionnaries.
I am from the delicate , soft , fragile , smooth. I am from sunflowers , bright , sunny , yellow.
I’m from rice with every meal and soup to heal.
From Tu and Thanh.
I’m from the sun and rain.
From “I’m scared and I miss you”. I’m from God and songs.
I’m from Ho Chi Minh City , pho and bun bo.
From my parents’ childhood story of love.

There are five people in my family. My dad , my mom, my older sister , my little sister and me. My family is very close.

Well, now, what I like and Dislike :

1. I like to sing and dance
2. I like dogs
3. I like to sleep
4. I like teddy bears
5. I like foods
6. I like kpop and vpop songs<


1. I don’t like noise
2. I don’t like messes
3. I don’t like crowds
4. I don’t like running
5. I don’t like dresses

In 10 years… When I grow up. I want to be a nurse who can help doctors, such as in surgery. And be a nice person to help others.

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