My journey is a long journey

By Tim Karamalak  |   From : Ukraine  |   School : Facing History New Tech (Cleveland)

My journey in this world was a long journey and I have seen many things in my lifetime and I will try share some of my experiences in this autobiography. I was born in Ukraine and lived there for about 7 years all together. Life in Ukraine wasn’t really as easy as a big country like USA and it wasn’t filled with opportunities and jobs that are available even for teens now. I was raised in a little village with a population about 3’000 and there was only one big school. In my country I was in 3rd grade to 7th and then we moved back to the U.S and then I met two fellow classmates that are now my best friends. I’ve had many ups and downs in my life but that’s what makes life-life.

Chapter I

In the U.S one of my sisters had a  serious problem with her heart and this caused a lot of dark thoughts to my mom which already suffers from depression and has many panic attacks. When my sister was diagnosed with ventricular septal defect which is basically a hole in heart that needs to be filled, she needed a surgery which was done in Cleveland Clinics and it was a success but because of that situation this caused some after effects to her body and she didn’t grow as other kids. This was a big  relief though for our family because that would be a shock to our family if she wouldn’t make it and my mother would probably not survive this. Another struggle that our family had to push through was almost all our grandparents and close friends dying in a year. We would just receive bad news every single week of someone dying from cancer or old age and this also affected my whole family, but we have to always move on and even if the whole world is falling down we need to keep on walking past all those negative storms and stay true to ourselves and to be an upstander and never look hopeless.

Chapter II

My childhood wasn’t really rough as others though because I know so many other people that have been through something worse than me and I need to appreciate the blessing that my family gave me. I’ve always had food on the table and I always had free time, but I did help my parents a lot with farming and raising the farm animals, but they always understood that we are only children and that we should have fun during our childhood.  I remember my parents taking us to the Black Sea which was an three hour drive. When we arrived the sun was burning hot on my skin and the nice breeze felt amazing. This was the perfect weather for a nice swim in the sea , the days were so exciting and I never wanted to leave that beautiful paradise. We also brought Charlie our pekinese dog which he made it so fun and enjoyable to dig him in the sand and then throw him in the warm sea. Another amazing experience in my life was when I’ve seen Niagara Falls this just changed my view on nature and this world and to see how wonderful everything was created and the every detail that God gave us to explore.

Chapter III

I’m still young and hopefully, in the future, I will have many more positive and negative experiences because this is what makes life interesting and enjoyable to wake up every day. Imagine waking up with no mistakes and not going to work and not solving problems, this would be miserable. I’m thankful that I’ve lived this long and have an opportunity to tell something about myself to you. Enjoy your life and remember that you live only once, make every moment in this life memorable.

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