By Carmelson Ferdinand  |   From : Haiti  |   School : Glades Central Community High School

Hi, my name is Carmelson Ferdinand and I was born in Leogane, Haiti.My country had economic problems so I came by myself. I came to the USA when I was eighteen years old..I left my mother in my country. 


Every time I saw other students going to school, I was mad because I love school so much. I wanted to go so I could read, write and speak in society.After I was 5 years old, my mother came to school because she saw that I wanted to go to school, even though she had to put me in a good school.


When I was  12 years old my father came back with my mother when I started going to school very well without any difficulty for the school I paid for, thank God I was finishing school in Haiti in 2022, I am really happy because my dream is almost realized I can read and writing well, my only problem now is because I came to the USA I will take another language other than French or Creole, my biggest dream now is to speak well and finish high school with a diploma.


It was a pleasure for me to tell you where I came from and my education to get there.


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