By Javier  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

My story begins in El Salvador when I was 7 years old. I was living with my Mom, Dad, Sister Aunt, and Grandma. I enjoyed living in El Salvador because I like to play in the soccer field and buy toztecas to eat. 


I was feeling happy because on my grandma’s 65th birthday everything was fine. Until my grandma started to feel bad, and started bleeding. And we were transported to a hospital and she was hospitalized for 3 months, and I was going to visit her.


When I came back from school I got a big surprise, my grandma was discharged and was already at home with us after 3 months of being hospitalized. I feel happy because I could see my grandma in the mornings when I got up but at the same time I was sad because my grandma was not the same. She looked depressed or tired. She didn’t want to eat and began to lose weight. She was like a little baby. I didn’t like to  see my grandma, but I couldn’t do anything.


Two weeks after when I get up in the morning I saw the box in front of my room, and when I ask my Mom say that my grandma dead. When I was sleeping between 12:00 and 1:00 AM. I felt like if the sky was falling on me. I don’t have words to explain how I felt just in that moment.


Then all my relatives started to come to our house between 9:30 AM. All my relatives was crying because we love our grandma. And losing her in this way was very strong for our family the next day we started the preparatives to go the catholic church and prayed for she can rest in peace.


Then we went to the graveyard to bury my grandma. I think this is the most difficult part because one of my aunts almost fainted. When the machine started to bury her. My other aunt wanted to throw herself in the grave we stopped her, and she threw it in the yard.


In the night after 7:00 PM we start the prayers and we continue for 9 days. Because is a tradition on my country and we you prayer for someone the tradition saw that you need to give some food. So we cook tamales for the guess and before 3:00 AM all my gess return to their houses.

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