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A New Beginning!

By Gerardo Leon  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School
I was in my country Venezuela in 2015, I was currently starting high school as a freshman (9th Grade) I was doing very good at school but the only thing that was really bad was Venezuela’s political situation, insecurity, lack of jobs, food…etc.

I was with my mom and my two sisters werealso in school studying, the older one was in college and the little one was starting elementary school as a 5th grader, my mom was taking care of us all by herself but to be honest we were a family with good business so we didn’t have any financial struggles,  the only thing that was bad was the country’s political and economic situation .   One day my mom decided to migrate to another country without our opinion, (right now I understand her reasons so I’m not complaining about why we left our country) we had a lot of options but we decide as a family that was the best option for us to come to the  United States.

The biggest obstacle to be honest,  was to leave all my friends and family behind and to go somewhere that we didn’t even know what will the future bring us in our new journe.  I felt so depressed because I was scared to begin a new life in aforeign place without knowing anyone or the langauge.  I had to make friend and start a new life.   Other thing was that I’m the only man in my house with three women so I have to take care of them,  because the man has to take care of her family.

When I got here I felt alone, isolated, because I didn’t know what to do. I knew English but I was just shy to speak it. I started high school here (same as my sisters) and I can say that I am lucky, because I found so many friends from Venezuela that I felt at home again, so  I did not feel completely alone , because I even  left my friends I found some new friends here and it wasn’t difficult, but it was really hard anyways because I didn’t have my “real” friends and all my family members with me.

My mom has a job, my older sister too, my little sister and me are currently studying.

I’m still here fighting for my family and not giving up, I still miss a lot my family and my friends. That is a challenge that will never end. This challenge really changed the  way I see the world now. .

My life in United States is really hard because is so different as Venezuela and thank God I did know English, I can’t imagine how more difficult life would have been without knowing any  English.

What I learned about this experienced and I’m still learning is that life is not easy, there’s always going to be challenges on your way but you have to be strong and overcome those big challenges.  In life, we need   to be strong, persistent and never give up.

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