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A shattered childhood

By Olivia  |   From : Vitry sur Seine, France  |   School : College Jean Perrin

When I was born, my mother was sick and she was at the hospital all the time. So, she couldn’t take care of me. It was the very beginning of my life.

When I was 3 months-old, my father died.

So, from that day, I had to live alternatively with different members of my family.


I think it was probably very hard to get custody.

For personal and medical reasons, my biological mother was unable to keep me.

My paternal aunt, my father’s sister, had my charge instead of my father, in case something bad happened.

At that time, I was so young that I wasn’t very aware of what was happening to me but I was between good hands and I was living reasonably well.

After several years, my aunt and her husband, therefore my uncle, were able to obtain my custody.

Since then, I consider them as my true parents because they took care of me for so long and raised me very well.

Now, my mother has the right to see me every wednesday and every other week ends. It’s alright, she takes care of me too and I love her.


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