Abdel’s Life Change

By Abdelrahman Mustafa  |   From : Sudan  |   School : International High School at Largo

My name is Abdelrahman.  In the beginning I was in my country sudan. In the fifth grade the school was really close to my house. But I didn’t really have a big expectation  for my future. Then  my father told us we were coming to the United states. I was happy and sad too. I was happy because we´re going to have a better life. But I was sad because we´re going to leave our friends and family.

After that me and my mom and brother flew to the United states. And when we arrived at our house. I said  to myself America is really beautiful because it has a lot of greenery and big buildings.” and then I went to Francis Scott Key Elementary School and everybody was speaking english. I did not understand. 

After a year of studying, a lot went by. I could speak english now, and I could understand people and talk to them by then. I was in the 6th grade when school started getting harder because I didn’t know that much english. Then I started studying hard. At  school I was kind of normal because I can make friends and speak English. But nothing interesting happened during the 7th or 8th.

But when I was in the ninth grade, schools closed because of COVID-19, and online school was really difficult. My father told us we were going back to Sudan, but what he meant is: we’re going to Sudan at the end of the year. So this is when I didn’t care  about school because I thought we were going to Sudan to live.

I didn’t care about classes, I never talked in classed, and I didn’t pay attention during classes. All my grades fell down. Then by the end of the year most of my grades were E. An E is considered a failing grade. 

Then we went to my country, and spent 3 months in my country. The 3 months were awesome ,and we got to see all our friends and family. But we spent a little too long there, and all my grades were still failing because I wasn’t there. But I finally improved most of my grades, and I’m still trying to do my best. My family also told me were going to our country every year. That is exciting.

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