we were afraid to cross the borders

By Nelson  |   From : El Salvador  |   School : Maryland

Many people try to look for their dream, and I was one of those people. My brother and I did not want to be losers, so we came to the United states searching for our dream to fight.


I was in El salvador, with my brother and my cousin. My brother,my cousin, and I were afraid to cross the borders because several people told us the horror that happen to people who try to cross  the borders.But all ways, we will believes on God,  and when the  time got to cross Guatemala border,   we were afraid but the people that were helping us crossed us and they put us , in a truck.


We pass many  time on the truck. Then, they take us out from truck and they told us to run between trees,and wait there.Then we walk for five hours and then we passed the border.


Next,we waited in a house.Then, “they get us and put inside of a big”,cold truck.! We pass there one day and half. Then, we walked up a mountain, and  they put us again on the truck. we pass there , half of the day.


Then they carry us to an old  house where we stay there for two months. then our turn come,to leave the old place and the send us to another house, where we stay one night. Then they carry to another house  and we wait there seven hours, Then a car got to pick us close to the border.


When we was in the border of United states, we cross in a little boat to the other side. When we cross the river, I felt nervous , about the men with uniforms. My goal was for them not to take us. But in the critical time, the man that was helping us left us. Then we tried to escape from  the uniform man, but then they bring the dogs and six cars.


Then  they get us  from the land and they get my brother’s arm,and they hunt our arms, when they take us we feeling a big pain in our arms. They put us in different cars, but I told  them to I want go where my brother go.  Then they put us in a cold room ,and we lost the notion of time, Then they take notes of us, and they put us in a bus, “and the bus awesome had  fence like jail bus.”


Then the bus bring us to a place, where the people there don’t want to give us  water, and they give us a plastic blanket! and then they put us in a van, then they go carry us to a house, where we see many teenager, “the day I feel so wrong with myself and my family.”


“But the important thing now is that we are with our family.” Now we are happy to be here, now is been so hard to us to learn english, but we  still trying, “we had one year and half.” and, “I learned  to all in our life is hard to have!” and everything need you effort, “so you had to still fight for you dreams don’t  be a loser, be a winner.”

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