Almost getting baptized

By Heyri  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : International High School at Langley Park

My story begins in Morales, Guatemala at school when I was 6 years old waiting to go on a camping trip with my mom, some of my classmates, and the pastor from our church. We were going to the beach somewhere, but I wasn’t excited because going on a bus for more than an hour on a really hot day was not pretty, especially for me, I hate summer weather. 


There were some rude people who arrived later than what was agreed and still had the nerve to be complaining about the weather the whole trip. I was hot, hungry, and sleepy in a room full of complaining  parrots, and kids who did not hold back to interrupt everyone’s peace left on their minds. To be frank, I could already tell that I was going to regret going. 


On a bus with no sense of where we were going despite the destination being a random beach on Alta Verapaz, we were finally on our way. After a long while, the temper became bearable and there was a beautiful view just outside the window. The sky looked as in on fire, a beautiful flame that came with strong breezes and sounds of peaceful waves that indicated that we were close to our destination. We arrived at the beach at dawn and were so hypnotized by the sunset that forgot that we only had minutes to set up our camping site or we’d be in complete darkness. After letting the adults handle the hard work, we were all exhausted and hungry so we started to prepare some meat to make roast and eat. After devouring a good roast, we started to get ready for the baptism and others started singing and playing instruments to set a calm mood. 


I wasn’t the only one who was going to get baptized that day, well night, but I was the first one who was going to, and how I regret being first on that list. The pastor and I got in the water saying prayers, and keep in mind that I was a really small child and had to be held above water to breathe. Suddenly a jellyfish got in a salty mood with the pastor and stung him on his ankle, to which he reacted as responsibly as possible and swam away leaving me drowning with that jellyfish somewhere still inside the water. 


After a good three minutes of fighting and fearing for my life, my mom who was on the phone with my grandma noticed that the pastor got back to the shore but not me. Finally, my mother noticed me drowning and jumped with no hesitation into the water and saved me from drowning. 


Everyone was scared but just a quick check-up on me, and I was fine and even got to devour just another delicious roast. My mom was just a little more than upset with the pastor and started to cuss him out, just a little while he had a first-degree burn and was apologizing to both of us. Thankfully, everyone calmed down and were able to return to our homes alive. 


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