By Mwamini  |   From : Congo  |  

Am from a place where to be called a refugee is one thing but to be asked why you’re a refugee is the hardest question to answer

Am from a place where suffering in subtle

Am from a place where war and  slaughter do so well

To go somewhere that’s nice ,enjoy your new world bell may happy dispel

I just want to live would you not feel the same

If you have no choice neighbouring countries no longer want our present thier   for we must live

Our home is no more just a battlefield of greed why must life be cruel

I want to go back home my heart longing for safety

While you have dreams in life to be fabulously wealthy

Where i came from our only aim is trying to be fit and healthy

Am a refugee can you see me ,am not american not of your nation

I am fleeing am running,running scared am tired of running

How far have i came to find a new home my friends i have left behind with promises of hope

That atlast i would find a land a new community

If you were beaten every day, you’d say that can’t be right

All i ask for in return is respect from just a few

I don’t want your handouts i’d much rather be employed that way i’ll sell valued my life can be enjoyed

I have soffer  enough just give me a chance to live

Am running from something through outline age our people ran from

Who am i you ask ,am without a past am without a present and without a face i am a remnant of a person

All i have found so far is a place ,a place where we can be safe.

I started a fire ,a fire that will not die

And i wonder if you knew you were lighting to my dry soul one strike ,would burn down my forest

I have survive so can others we walked ,cry,suffer but i can only say thanks lord

You’re in a place with that experience after all the struggle you’ve been through.

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