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An Angel Without Wings

By Jean Carlos Batista Garcia  |   From : Dominican Republic  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from the area where people were cold hearted
From where jewish people used to be killed
Where the dictator had the last word
And where people had no heart for immigrants
I am from where Oktoberfest is celebrated
From the world’s largest beer consuming country
From where lots of potatoes are eaten
I am from where over 800 million currywurst are eaten a year
From where soccer is that sport
Where champions are born
And championships are won every year
I am from ‘the land of poets and thinkers’
From Rainer Rilke, Hermann Hesse and Nietzsche
From the country of creators
I am from the world’s largest car producers
Where Mercedes and BMWs are regular cars
I am from where education is free


From not fitting in everywhere
From a small town where racism exists
From laughter at difference
I am from growing up hispanic in a germanic land
From dancing salsa and bachata
From eating habichuela con dulce on easter
And from a poor family
From fighting for every penny
I am from a strong woman with three kids
From a woman that never had time for herself
From an angel without wings
I am from a mother that left the Caribbean for a better life
From a mother that tries not to show her feelings
And from a mother that works to get her kids what they want


I am from where everybody is supposedly equal
From The country with a multicultural society
From where people come from all over the world
I am from Al Qaeda attacks
From where muslims are discriminated
From still not fitting in
I am From Junk food
From McDonalds and KFC
Popeyes and Subway
I am from advanced technology
From a great economy
And from


I am from Germany and the US




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