Another Latina en Estados Unidos.

By Lexxus Solis  |   From : Miramar, FL  |   School : Everglades High School

In the late 1970s, the land of Nicaragua was taken over by a communist revolution called the Sandinistas. It was being fought by the contras and forced Nicaraguan men to be drafted into the way. Motivating millions of men and families to migrate to the United States, among those families was the Gross Solis household, my father’s family. It was my father with his two siblings and his mother, who moved to New York to live with his half-sister. After a couple of years, my father worked as a car salesman, where he had to drive many cars from the United States to Central America. In the late 1980s, one of the trips my father made was to his motherland, where he met my mother and later was to marry her and bring her to live with him in Arizona. On April 10th, 1999 I was born as the fourth child in my family. My family owned a water-pressure company for a couple of years before moving to Nicaragua in the summer of 2006. In Nicaragua, I was enrolled in school, and learned to speak Spanish, participated in many of the cultural traditions like folklore dances or Las Hipicas, which were horse parades (my favorite tradition!). I made a lot of long-term friendships and learned to be humble and appreciate my surroundings. In December of 2011, my parents parted their own ways and resulted my mother, sister and I to move to Florida. I was 12 years old at the time, and was enrolled for the first time in middle school. I had moved to three different cities before I can settle in Miramar, my current home town, where I started middle school, and now this year I will be graduating high school in the summer. I am so happy to be where I am, I have grown to love Florida so much, although it has been a very rocky road because I was always moving, now I get to choose my own path. This fall I will be starting my freshman year of college at Florida International University. I don’t exactly know what career I want to pursue, but I really love all things beauty, especially makeup. Perhaps if I major in something like Business Administration, it will help me start my career in beauty. The people that influence me the most are my best friends, my boyfriend and my family. They all have been so supportive of me and helped me find what really makes me happy in life. Although I’m not sure about what I want to be, I am sure of one thing: to never stop chasing after my dreams of working in the makeup/beauty industry.

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