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By M&M  |   School : Social Justice Humanitas

As a daughter of an immigrant mother, my mother came to the United States illegally with her sister. Both wanted to have a better life for themselves and for their daughters (me and my cousin) that they couldn’t have in their country. They had to leave many loved ones and they both knew the risks that they were getting into but at least they tried everything in their power to make it. My mother told me that once she arrived in the USA she told me she had every single emotion hitting her at once because her goal was to arrive in the United States, but hasn’t really thought it thoroughly. All she thought about was that she had to walk all day feeling the heat, sweat, at night feeling the cold air and walking for days without water or food. The worst part of it was that they had to hide from the guards so they wouldn’t get caught, they had to cover themselves with dirt so they couldn’t be seen. After my mother and aunt walked through the desert for months to the U.S., they had family that was already in the states so they stayed there but had trouble settling in because everything was new for them. Once my cousin and I were born, they wanted to get an apartment for us, and until this day I live in the same apartment with my mom, aunt, and cousin.


Over time my mother adapts to living in a new place but as of right now my mom and I are on good terms and I feel really healthy. Something we struggle with is jobs because even though my mom works at night and my stepfather as well, it isn’t enough for us to buy the things we need and it’s technically also about money because we are on the verge of getting kicked out of my apartment since the manager highers the rent each year. Things from my point of view, my mom has fulfilled many things; taking care of me, buying me the things I need and trying her hardest to make every day a good day.


I want a future where people don’t have to look at me differently because the way I dress or because I’m Latina or that I’m the daughter of an immigrant mother. I learned that we shouldn’t be ashamed of ourselves because when you meet the people that had the same experiences as you, you can get out of your comfort zone and become who you want to be and express yourself in any way you can. Social Humanitas helps me discover different ways how to make a change in my community even if it’s just a little. I want everyone that is undocumented or an immigrant to be accepted by everyone because we all put our hard work into this country to be an American as well.



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