Another story

By Eric St Surin  |   From : Manhattan, NY  |   School : Everglades High School

My story begins with my birth on February 2, 2001. I am Haitian-American, because my parents are Haitian and I was born in Manhattan, New York where I lived for six years. With my parents being Haitian, they can be strict, but my mother is less strict than my father. They see things like Haiti sometimes and use what they learned from their parents. I get many accomplishments yet even I feel as if I have to be “the intelligent child my parents raised,” which becomes irritating. Living in New York wasn’t always great. I still miss living there, even if the area was dirty. My mother and I were always sick during the winter time, so we moved to Florida due to that and other unknown reasons.

Then, my parents found a community being built where we were able to design our house.  I still lived in the house to this day. I had many problems come my way since others did not like me because of reasons in which I don’t remember. One reason I remember was my personality. Easily I would be angry after something said to me such as an insult whether it was meant to be a joke or serious. I was always transfer to another school. One of my worst school years was when I started middle school for the first time in Glades Middle. I was bullied by others to the point where my parents had to intervene. Food items were thrown at me and, I was called unmentionable names. If I was struck physically, I was told to strike back which shows the severity of the matter. I had my classes changed and restricted some of the areas I could go to around school.

The next school year, I transferred to a school better than the previous one called Somerset Miramar. However, making friends was still difficult so I was usually separated from my classmates. Eventually I secluded myself from my peers for two years until I graduated middle school and went to a high school by the name of Cypress Bay High School. Beginning high school as a freshman was not the easiest task. The school I transferred in has the population of a small college, so the campus was full of diverse students. I always saw new faces every day. One aspect of that school I never forgot was a party one of my teacher’s had in her class during special times of the year, in which students brought in a traditional food from their culture as a multicultural gathering. Both ninth and tenth grade I brought Haitian patties and to the party as my contribution to the festivities. That class is one I enjoyed being in. Tenth grade year was the first year I took Advanced Placement courses, which proved to be a terrible mistake in the end. I was stressed out the entire year and had many terrible grades. After such a year, I decided to never take another AP class in high school.

After tenth grade I transferred from Cypress Bay to Everglades High. Meeting new faces was the scariest part of going to each new school. However, when by the end of my junior year after making new friends, I was confused as a student present in previous years even though it was my first year, which made me feel somewhat at home. Now I’m in my senior year finishing my last year of high school, and I will soon make the transition into another stage of my life.

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