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Around the Table

By Cintia Hidalgo  |   From : Ecuador  |   School : Bloomfield High School

In Ecuador, when I was little,  my whole family used to meet every Sunday at 3PM at my grandmother’s house for dinner. My grandmother’s  dining room is nice.  It has ornaments on the table.  It has many fruits.  The refrigerator is big .When someone is late, my grandmother gets angry. When she is  angry, her  face gets red and her eyes get  small.  I do not know why but, she is like that.
My grandmother’s house is big. It has 3 floors and my grandparents live on the first floor. The kitchen is very large and has a large stove  because she likes to cook a lot. Next, she cooks  traditional food  like  rice, mashed potatoes, salad and  Quaker beverages, which contains oatmeal, naranjilla, cinnamon, sugar, water.  All the food my grandmother cooks is  delicious. For a holiday, she gets together the  whole family and she cooks special food, like Hornado, seasoned  pork, potatoes, salad, mote,and  ripe banana. When she cooks, the  smells coming from the kitchen  are amazing.

My family sits around the table. My Aunt Marlene is always  angry and she  is fat. My second aunt, Nancy is so funny and she  likes to play with all her nieces. I love her so much because she  is a good person and she  is always happy.  I have  3 cousins. My first cousin is Andrea. She is my best cousin and she is very beautiful. She shares many things.  We have always been together and we always tell each other everything that happened that morning and she is like my sister. Always when we went to my grandmothers, my cousin Andrea and I played.  When  I was about 8 years old,  we made  perfumes with flower and alcohol.  It was  funny.  We played  bank with money made of paper. We took the newspapers and cut it and we made it like it was real money. Carolina she is 25 years old and  always happy. She makes jokes and she is very funny.

I always liked that my grandmother always  made us share dinner with the whole family. Everyone was united as a family. At those moments, my eyes were very red as  if I was crying. But I was happy with my other half and enjoying every minute.


Nov 13 2017

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