I arrived in America by walking, by bus, and by car

By Maynor  |   From : Honduras  |   School : Workman Middle School (FL)

My name is Maynor –  I was born in San Pedro Sula in Honduras. I am 13 years old – My father is Alex – My mom is Ludin – My older brother is Alex Reyniel – My younger brother is Jerommi , and the last one is Austin Cleyton

How I came to America and Why?

I arrived in America by walking , by bus, and by car

Likes: the chicken with chops. I like to go to the beach . I like to go shopping with my mom. I like the phone.

Dislikes : cold , I do not like vacations , I do not like medicine, I do not like to get sick.

In ten years I will be studying at the university of law. I’m going to be helping to take care of my brothers’ schooling. I’m going to have my car. I’m going to help my mom. I’m going to help a lot of people to keep going.

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