when I arrived my family was not together with me

By Ana  |   From : Guatemala  |   School : Lake Worth High School

My name is Ana.  I arrived to the United States in January 2017.  My family and I left Guatemala because of its violence.  I came to the United States with my mother and my brothers. We came here  to protect our family , and also because there are no jobs in my country.  In Guatemala everybody is poor and there is no money. I have good memories of my country.   I close my eyes and I see the flowers and the birds. I remember my school and my home. I also remember my family in a river; I see my family very happy.  My happiest memory in my country is celebrating the New Year.

During my first days in the United States, I felt a little sad because when I arrived my family was not together with me.   In school, I would have loved for my friends to be there and greet me with affection but they were not there. I’ve been attending school for seven months. At the beginning, I didn’t know anybody; I got lost looking for my classes. I was afraid that students  would make fun of me. Now, I am happy with my new friends. I have learned to speak and also understand a little bit of English. This country could help students by having cleaner schools and more beautiful uniforms.

I open my eyes and I see this land of opportunity, the flag and the love of God in America; it is so beautiful.  I want people to know that we should have the opportunity to make up for ourselves and to respect each other. I like that everything follows God because He is always with us. I want my family to be happy with everybody and with God.  I want my family to have a good future.

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