At war with Covid

By Nada Awad  |   From : Egypt  |   School : Bloomfield High School

I am from family that had 

Covid Baba and my brother

had covid the sense of smell

and taste is a great blessing


When the doctor said that 

baba had corona it was 

like a thunderbolt.My brother

also but he was 23 years

He recovered quickly


I am from pandemic

Baba used to take a lot

of medication and put on

sprays to breathe The

elderly are at risk of death


I am from state of panic

and terror in the world I am

from crying and hard situation

Pandemic that killed millions
The year of sadness for the world

The smell of death is everywhere


That made life scary

no one goes out of his

House I am from hospitals 


Where people cry for those lost

I am from year of virus and death 


The streets are empty

The streets become 

inhabited with no people

Sitting at home for days is boring 


How about sitting by months

Everyday habits changed

Grocery shopping has

become difficult because 

it has become once a week or

month to store food Putting a

mask or sanitizers is mandatory


I am from year of change

Change for everything 


Everything from that time 

became home I am from 

online schools I miss 

friends and teachers a lot

Even work is from home 


Change in the knowledge of 

value of life Change in my life

I am from pandemic Life has

changed a lot after the pandemic

people started the quarantine


And malls,parties,events have 

shut down It is no longer a place

to sit in cafes and restaurants

I am from fear everywhere It will 

be preserved in the world that covid 

changed the world more than wars


I am from a pandemic


-Nada Awad, Egypt

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