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The Best Is Yet To Come

By Camila Sposito  |   From : East Boston, Ma  |   School : Mario Umana Academy

What’s the point of being a free bird soaring into an azure sky,

If your parents are treated like caged birds,

trapped, with no opportunities, and nowhere to fly?


Living in fear of having someone being taken away

from you is not easy.


Having my family, my life, my past

Being torn apart hurts.


Each year wasting thousands of dollars

For a flight to see my dad.


Just across the border. Right there.

A few hours away.


Holding back my tears

So no one sees my weakness.


Not being there for family who gets sicker by the days.

Losing my grandma on my birthday.


No more.

No more birthdays. No more fun.


Everyday it hurts.

I’m in my house, but I want to go home.


Leaving behind friends.

Leaving behind home.


I am from a place where the sun scorches your face.

I am from a colorful world of pink flowers, green grass, and blue oceans.


Now what?

Where am I?

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